How Old is Your Homeowners’ Insurance?

How Old is Your Homeowners’ Insurance?

How Old is Your Homeowners’ Insurance?

When you buy a home, you’ll pretty quickly learn how long things are expected to last. An asphalt roof, for example, should provide 20-30 years of service. Major appliances start getting past their prime after 15 years or so. A water heater should continue to work for 20 years. Mattress manufacturers want you to consider replacing your mattress after 8 years but they usually last much longer when cared for. Everything has an expected lifespan. What, however, about your homeowners’ insurance? Can it become old and outdated?

Many homeowners purchased their original homeowners insurance policy when they bought their home. That could be five, ten, fifteen years ago or more. That could be far too long, especially if it hasn’t ever been reviewed through the years. Yet, many continue to make payments on these policies, frequently automatically, without giving it a second thought. They keep paying on a policy that may have become inadequate for today’s needs.

In the meantime, neighborhood and housing values can change. Inflation can make an impact. A home may have had a myriad of upgrades made to it. Yet, the same old policy remains in force, as if surrounding events and conditions don’t matter. Well, they do.

If it has been five years or more since you’ve had your homeowners’ insurance reviewed, it is likely overdue. It is time to remember where you stored it, dust it off, and contact one of our independent insurance agents. They can go over your policy with you, explaining its limits and limitations. They may even find gaps that you were unaware of. In some cases, they may be able to improve your protection with little or no premium increase.

It would be unfortunate to discover your policy is too old or outdated only after making a claim. The time to get a no-obligation and review is now. Contact us to get started today for the peace of mind you deserve tomorrow.

Be Confidently Insured.


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