How Much Does It Cost To…

How Much Does It Cost To…

How Much Does It Cost To…

It is logical to assume the more frequently you purchase an item, the more familiar you will be with its cost. But what about those things you rarely have, or may never purchase? Maybe you have a dream of renting a Lambo for a week or watching a hit Broadway play from premium seats. How much would it cost to…

Spend 5 Days at Disney World for a Family of Four

Even 5 day multi-day admission tickets will average about $100 daily per person with a large hotel room adding on an additional $225 per night. That’s over $3,000 before you add on meals, snacks, souvenirs, parking and take in some other sights. You can expect such an adventure to set you back $6-$7,000 not including travel costs. No wonder families save for years to go.

A Weekend and Broadway Show in New York for Two

The cost of this trip will largely depend on the show and quality of seats you want. If you are flexible on the show, you can find tickets in the $100 range. If you want premium seating at a high-demand show, you can shell out $1000 or more per person. Add in two nights of hotel rooms, dinners and drinks, a tour or two and in-city transportation and your visit could easily range from $1,500 to $4.500. Add in shopping and transportation to NYC and you could be in the Disney World stratosphere.

Renting a Super Car for a Week

Ever want to drive a Porsche, McLaren or Lamborghini, even if just for a few days? It is possible if you have the money and/or large enough credit line. Depending on location and demand, you may be able to rent a Lambo for around $1,000 a day. You will, however, likely have to place a deposit that could be a couple of thousands of dollars and will likely have to buy additional coverage on the vehicle from the rental company. This could add another 50-75% to the cost of renting the car. This could place total costs at near $10,000 even if you return the car in immaculate condition after 7 days.

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