Watch Out For These Critter Criminals!

Watch Out For These Critter Criminals!

Watch Out For These Critter Criminals!

It’s so rude of rodents to come into our homes uninvited. Where are their manners? Don’t they know that we work too hard for our money to spend it on critter control?

No one is quite fond of sharing a space with critters. We’d all like to feel safe and comfortable in our homes. Unfortunately, these creatures can still sneak their way into our home despite our efforts. Once they’re inside, it’s only a matter of time before rodents can start causing damages to our homes. Not only that, they pose health risks to you and your family. That being said, it’s important that you know which critters are the biggest threat to the condition of your home.

According to, watch out for these animals that aren’t as cute and cuddly as they may look. . .

  1. Raccoons may naturally dress as robbers, but those masks can’t fool anyone! They’ve been caught red-handed as the culprit in too many thieveries, ruthlessly taking the food right from our pets’ food bowls! While on the hunt for food, they’re searching for homes with bird feeders and garbage cans full of discarded food. If the weather is cold, raccoons may seek shelter in the warmth of your home. They’ve been known to find their way into attics, where they can chew up your electrical wires, posing a fire hazard, as well as tear up the insulation of your home.
  2. Squirrels. Imagine having the ability to bite through an acorn without breaking a tooth. Squirrels have very strong teeth that never stop growing. To help keep their teeth trimmed, squirrels have a never ending drive to constantly chew on things. A squirrel may make its way into your home while on the hunt for food. At this point, the structure of your home becomes its food. Here are some hints that a squirrel has invaded your territory:
    • Rustling noises in the walls or attic
    • Grinding sounds as wood is being chewed
    • Scattered wood chips
    • Awful scent
    • Entry-point indication on the exterior of your home
  3. Opossums. Did you know that opossums can climb? They use their climbing abilities to find a way into your home. Opossums eat a variety of different foods, such as plants and insects, as well as other rodents, and garbage, of course. You’ll typically know when an opossum has invaded your home by the smell.
  4. Skunks. If you were a superhero, what would your defense mechanism be? Would you use an unbearable scent which would blind your opponent with tears and force them to hold their breath? No!? Well, anyway, this tactic seems to be working pretty well for skunks. Like other rodents, skunks will invade your home for food and shelter. Often, skunks will make themselves at home by building a den under or inside your home. It won’t be long before their scent naturally exposes their presence. At this point, you’ll basically need a gas mask to remove the skunk–threatening the skunk with removal will get you sprayed in your own home.
  5. Groundhogs. Using their natural digging abilities, groundhogs will live up to their name–hogging all the of ground on your property! They’ll dig up your lawn, your garden, and dig a den under your home. Groundhogs can cause very serious damage by loosening up the dirt surrounding the foundation of your home.

Next time you hear shuffling in the attic, don’t just brush it off, assuming it’s just a ghost! Check for critter criminals hiding in your home!

By: KayLynn P.

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