Tips for Staying Mentally Fit

Tips for Staying Mentally Fit

Tips for Staying Mentally Fit

It is no secret that as we age, we do so mentally and physically. But yet so much of our focus is staying physically fit. Perhaps it is vanity or ego, but having an attractive, energetic and fit body seems to be so much more important than staying connected and mentally sharp. If you have concerns about your mental fitness or just want to be adept mentally and physically, here are some tips.

Stay Connected and Make New Friends

Staying connected with the people we have as friends and family is vital in staying mentally fit. But so can making new friends and expanding our horizons. Most of us lose friends and family members as time marches on. It makes sense that expanding that network would keep us more mentally fit.

Stay Physically Active

There is no doubt your physical being impacts your mental being. Physical activity increases blood flow and produces the needed energy to stay mentally alert. You don’t have to hit the gym on a daily basis, but you know where you stand in terms of your physical activity. Working to increase it will improve your mental fitness.

Exercise Your Mind

Reading can be like running. Using your imagination can be like jumping jacks. Solving puzzles may be like riding a bike. A large part of staying mentally fit is feeding your mind with new information, testing yourself with puzzles and problems, and flexing your imagination. There is nothing wrong with relaxing your mind through meditation, but don’t forget to exercise it. You may be surprised about how learning the map of a continent, discovering the history of a people or learning a new game can expand your horizons and keep you mentally fit.

Improve and Control Your Attitude

Most of us reach a certain point in our life when our attitudes either go on cruise control or are controlled by the actions of others. We forget we can create our own attitude and energy. You can stay fitter mentally by creating your day and the attitude you have when facing it. Look for the positive aspects and people in your life, smile more and improve your mental outlook.

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