Six Surprising Things You May Not Know About Your Home Insurance

Six Surprising Things You May Not Know About Your Home Insurance

Six Surprising Things You May Not Know About Your Home Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance is one of the most neglected forms of insurance consumers purchase. Many times, it is secured when a home is bought, and unless a claim is made, it may never be reviewed again. This is frequently due to the fact that many pay it directly as part of their tax and mortgage payments. This has led to a remarkable situation for many. They may not even be aware of the most vital aspects of their home insurance coverage. Here are six surprising facts about homeowners’ insurance you may not know.

What It Covers

Many policyholders may believe they are covered for things like flooding, earthquakes, sinkholes, or wildfires when they are not. Are you sure you are covered?

Coverage Limits

Your coverage limits may have been adequate a decade ago when you bought your home, but are they sufficient today? Many policyholders just don’t know their coverage limits. Do you?

Are Personal Possessions and Collectibles Covered Adequately?

If you have a growing collection of antiques, art, coins, or other valuables, will they be covered in a loss? Many times, large, valuable collections may need separate additional coverage.

What is Your Deductible?

Do you remember if your homeowners insurance has a $250 deductible or perhaps a $500 or $1000 one? This is a pretty important piece of info homeowners should be well aware of.

When Was The Last Time You Had a Home Insurance Review?

Many property owners haven’t reviewed their homeowners’ insurance for years. This can mean you are paying too much or no longer have sufficient coverage. It is time to schedule a review.

How Much Are You Paying?

A surprising number of people don’t know how much they are paying for home insurance or even who insures their home. That shouldn’t be acceptable, especially when getting a home insurance review and price quote is as easy as contacting one of our independent agents.

Reach out today and let us go over your coverage with you. As independent insurance agents, they are qualified to review homeowners’ insurance policies issued by any company. They can tell you if you THINK you’re covered but aren’t, and if you’re overpaying. It is easy and can save you money and provide more peace of mind. Take the mystery out of your home insurance and contact us today.

Be Confidently Insured.


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