4 Misperceptions about Automobile Accidents

4 Misperceptions about Automobile Accidents

4 Misperceptions about Automobile Accidents

Most of us get into accidents so infrequently, we are sometimes taken aback by what to do next. In fact, many of us are carrying around misperceptions, outdated knowledge and just plain falsehoods about auto accidents. Here are four of them.

  1. You shouldn’t seek medical attention unless injuries are visible.

Many injuries that occur as the result of a car accident may not leave a bruise or markings, and in fact, often leave a person only feeling stiff or sore. This can be dangerous in that many are tempted not to seek treatment and allow the stiffness to “wear off”. Many injuries to the neck and back, for example, may not fully manifest themselves for days or weeks. This can result in long-lasting problems that may not be appropriately addressed at a later date. If you are involved in an automobile accident, shrugging off stiffness may not be the best idea. Have a medical exam to see if you have sustained any accident-related injuries.

  1. Rear end accidents are always the fault of the trailing vehicle.

Many will claim that the following driver didn’t allow for assured clear distance in a rear end accident. While this is frequently true, if the leading driver cuts off a driver or “brake checks” them, they can be held responsible. This is important to know both if you are an aggressive driver or you feel you have been “forced” into an incident.

  1. Auto accidents often lead to a big payday.

While cases involving severe negligence can lead to a large financial judgment in court, insurance is designed, generally, to restore the insured to pre-accident status. Larger financial awards are usually limited to where they are warranted due to severe injuries or in cases of obvious negligence.

  1. Accidents will automatically increase insurance rates.

A single accident, especially one where a driver wasn’t cited, may not impact auto insurance rates significantly. A driver who continues to get cited for moving violations or is involved in multiple accidents or a DUI however, will likely see an impact. The fact is safe drivers are usually rewarded with lower car insurance rates.

If you haven’t had an automobile insurance review within the last few years, now is the time to see if you qualify for better coverage, perhaps even at a better rate. Our independent agents will be glad to do the shopping for you. Just contact us and let us go to work.

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