Car Production Facts Which You May Not Know

Car Production Facts Which You May Not Know

Car Production Facts Which You May Not Know

When Henry Ford developed the assembly line, it revolutionized the auto industry. It literally made cars more affordable for millions of Americans. Rather than having workers move to a vehicle to work on it, the concept moved the vehicle through in-place workers, tools, and parts. Eventually, more workers were replaced with robots, but the assembly line philosophy remained. Now we have visions of a frame moving through an almost completely automated system with a completed vehicle resulting at the end.

Here are some modern-day facts you may not know about how vehicles are produced today.

How Long Does it Take to Produce a Car?

Cars generally average from 11 hours to 18 hours to produce. This is impacted by the quality of the vehicle and the number of higher end options that are included.

How Many Cars Come Off the Assembly Line in a Given Time?

An efficiently operating assembly line can have a fully manufactured vehicle produced every minute to 90 seconds. That means a functioning assembly line can build about 1,500 cars per day.

How Are Individual Cars Produced to Specifications?

Assembly line vehicles are generally “finished” with the basic features found in all vehicles of its type, and then are finished with the options and features ordered by a dealer or customer. In other words, all cars start as a base model and are then enhanced along the way.

The Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist

Before a consumer takes delivery of a new car, it goes through a pre-delivery inspection based on criteria on a checklist. This includes everything from tires, air conditioning, lights, and audio and entertainment features. Consumers should carefully view and inspect the car themselves (with the salesperson present) to ensure the car’s paint, interior, mechanics, and electronics are operating properly. Even if you accept a car for delivery, the dealer and manufacturer are still responsible for defects that should be covered under the warranty.

Buying a brand new car is an exciting event, and that excitement may cause you to not notice some issues with the vehicle. Take your time and enjoy your new car while making sure you get what you paid for.

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