Insuring a Unique Vehicle

Insuring a Unique Vehicle

Insuring a Unique Vehicle

Have you ever purchased a vehicle because you thought it was not only attractive but somewhat unique? We all want a vehicle that may stand out a bit from the crowd. No, it doesn’t have to be lime green or require a step ladder to climb into it but we certainly don’t want the same car our neighbors have. The problem is the minute we find that car or truck, we suddenly begin to see them all over the place. There’s a scientific reason for this involving the reticular activating system. It is the same reason why when you learn a new word, you suddenly start hearing it everywhere. It is an unstoppable force.

Many strive to make their vehicles their own and will go through great lengths to do it. Some will choose a classic car and meticulously restore it. Others may choose a large pick-up truck and make something resembling a Transformer out of it. Others will upgrade a Jeep or add custom wheels to a car. Frequently, big boy sound systems will be a part of the upgrade.

What, however, does an automobile insurance company think about this?

It is important to note that if you have one of these exceptional, unique vehicles, you have to take additional steps when it comes to properly insuring that vehicle. This means contacting your insurance company and letting them know of the upgrades and the time, effort and expense that went into improving it. This is a critical step in making sure that should there be an accident or incident involving the vehicle, you will have sufficient coverage.

Keep in mind, not every automobile insurance company offers specialized coverage on these unique vehicles. Our independent insurance agents, however, have contacts with multiple companies that do. They can not only help find you appropriate coverage, but can locate coverage that is priced competitively. After all, you would probably rather put more money into that vehicle than spending it on insurance.

We understand how important our vehicles can be. Contact us today and get the protection you and your special vehicle deserves.

Be Confidently Insured.


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